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I am a certified New Jersey Workers Compensation Law Attorney which is a long way of saying I specialize in this area of law. I have been a member of this Bar for my entire legal career. It gives me great pride to say that because of the people who are also involved. To me, I have always found that this Bar is the way that law should be and at one time was practiced. For the most part, the lawyers work with one another, the judges understand that the lawyers are doing their jobs and let them, and the substance of what is being accomplished is injured workers are getting the benefits they are entitled to receive.

I have read articles and been part of conversations that have talked about the failure of the system. I could not disagree more. The system in New Jersey works. It may be one or more of the participants not doing their job as well as they may need to, but when a claim is in the hands of specialized workers compensation attorney’s the job gets done. I make this commentary because I was recently in a judges chamber watching an attorney try and represent his clients interests when the lawyer had no idea what he was doing. What was frustrating was you knew that there was a worker out there not being represented well and there was an incredible waste of time because the judge was trying to assist this person rather then aid with the other matters. I tried to talk to the attorney after and provide as much assistance as I could even offering to help him with his file; an offer which went on deaf ears.

The sole point of this today is that if you have been injured at work in New Jersey make sure your lawyer specializes in this area of the law. Find a Certified New Jersey Workers Compensation law attorney.

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